Safety Information

Important Safety Information

You must read this page carefully as it has specific product safety and maintenance information.

Warning: Slacklining is a potentially hazardous sport. Any person using Slackline Australia's products are responsible for learning safe techniques and assume all risks, and accept full and complete responsibility for any and all damages or injury of any kind, including death. Failure to use proper techniques or follow specific product guidelines can/will lead to serious injury or death. Participants slackline at their own risk.

Like all climbing related sports risk is a factor, and all participants must assume all responsibility and liability for their own actions.

We recommend learning at a low height with soft grass or a crash mat under you, spotters are a good idea too.

The webbing used is very strong but degrades over time and should be retired in less than 5 years, but due to the extreme tension and wear of Slacklining, should be much earlier than this. Normal use, large tensile loads, time under load, dirt, exposure to acids, UV rays all decrease the life of your Slackline. We recommend your Slackline be retired within 2-3 years if it is maintained and looked after, much much sooner if it is not. Water decreases the strength but regains its strength when dried, so if it does get wet make sure it is dried properly.

Always double-triple check that the line is secure before use. If you have any doubt that the anchors are not secure, the tensioning system is working properly or the webbing is safe DO NOT USE IT!

Never used frayed or damaged webbing, if the line does break under load it can and probably will hurt you.


As a general rule the line should drop 30cm for every 5m of line. This will keep you in the working limit of the line. If this equipment is not used as specified it can greatly increase the chance of damage to not only the line but to yourself.

This means that if you have set a 10M line, when you stand in the middle it should drop 60cm, 15M line 90cm.

We suggest that you learn on a line about 5M long, this means you can set the line low to the ground and become more confident before trying longer higher lines. The longer the line is , the higher it has to be off the ground, and the more risk of injury if you fall badly.

These measurements are a guide only and common sense should be used when setting your line tension.


There is more tensile load the longer the line gets, the tighter the line gets and the more weight which is on the line.

Keep your kit clean and dry and store it away properly between use.

Never let a child or inexperienced Slackliner get on the line without spotters, they will need your help so as not to hurt themselves.

It is a good idea to put something over the line so people walking past can see it clearly, flags or a bag or a shirt.

Padding or crash mats are a great idea, when you are learning to Slackline you are going to fall off, it is a fact, take precautions and play safe.

These kits are not designed for high lining. Anything higher than a comfortable fall should always use a harness attached to a safety system. Always minimize your risk. This is not intended for climbing purposes, to use as a life line or any other purpose other than Slackline walking.

By purchasing this kit you have agreed to participate in a high risk activity or sport, you therefore are assuming risk of you own actions. You agree to use the Slackline within the guidelines set forth in these instructions and check the condition of the Slackline prior to each use.

If you do not agree with this safety disclaimer, Do not purchase the kit!

Refunds or exchanges are not given for change of mind or incorrect choice so get intouch with your local Slackline Australia Instructor for lessons and help with selecting a line.  

Any possible faults immediately discontinue use and  please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The final word

Slackline Australia, its employee's and associates, suppliers and other agents working on our behalf absolve ourselves of all liability resulting in financial loss, injury or death in relation to our products.

Have Fun with your new Slackline and be safe

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