The story so far...

The Balance Continues….

When I started Slackline Australia in 2007 out of a garage on the Gold Coast, my intention was to get my  life back into balance and help others to achieve balance in their own lives. Now over 6 years later and the company has evolved and changed so much, the community has grown, but our core motivation remains the same. Running a business is a lot like slacklining really, you need to be so focused, you are wobbly to begin with but pretty soon you find yourself up there balancing and feeling the ecstatic joy of standing on your own two feet. But as anyone who has slacklined knows, eventually you fall off, but you get back up and try again! Slackline Australia has fallen many times, made mistakes and learnt from our lessons, after all, the people behind slackline Australia are just slackliners who want to share the wonders and benefits of balance with you. We have a brand new website and exciting products and tips to help you on your way. We have a professional team of Slackliners with experience in every aspect of Slacklining, we know how to rig all types of slacklines and this knowledge is at your disposal. Collectively we have taught thousands of people how to slackline, run hundreds of workshops in schools and festivals, developed balance programs and we are excited about continuing the thread of balance for many years to come.

So 2013 is the year of balance and we invite you to find the balance within, and let that magical state express itself in all aspects in your life. We invite you to become part of the Slackline Community, share your story and pictures and live a life of balance. I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed to Slackline Australia over the years and I look forward to many more years of Balance still to come.

Yours in Balance,


Ryan Gittoes
Founder and Director of Slackline Australia 

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