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    Since 2007 Slackline Australia and its members have set up many social groups to help share the slacklining gifts of balance and awareness.  

    From the Gold Coast to India, to Mt Isa, to the Solomons to Europe to Brisbane to Sydney to the black stump, for kids, community groups, mental health groups, mens groups,
    womens groups, youth groups we've been sharing the love of slacklining for the pure joy of it.

    More than ever before we all need to take time to be in balance to breath, to connect with self to be supported and to support others. 

    We've seen slacklining help people with depression, other mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, attention deficit, confidence and trust issues from trauma, body issues and its really good for people with the 'on my devise all the time' dis-ease. 

    Keep an eye out in the Slacklining workshops for free or discounted lessons. If you have a group of individuals that would really benefit from some time on the line with a professional Slackline Australia coach let us know and we will do our best to make it happen for you. 

    Email learn@slackline.com.au


    What is Slackline Australia?

    Slackline Australia, est May 2007, is the national slacklining body for Australia. Slackline Australia has been around longer than most other slacklining bodies throughout the world and has partnered with as many slacklining organisations and groups as possible in our pursuit to support slacklining in all forms, for all people.  Slackline Australia was originally a slackline manufacturer but has sinced devoted its time and resources to developing slacklining workshops, training technologies, systems to cut bureaucratic ‘red tape’ and a full suite of qualifications to support slacklining growth in Australia.  Slackline Australia began Slackline Instructor training in 2008 and we now have over 50 leaders trained.  90% of these leaders are spread out across Australia 10% are now in other countries (New Zealand, France, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, South Africa).  Slackline Australia and the network members established most of the social groups around Australia and members of the Slackline Australia Professional Network have taught tens of thousands of people basic slacklining at all sorts of events, including the largest Australian Sporting event - The Australian Open, with no major incidents.

    As Thomas Buckingham (from the ISA) said on Slack Chat (24/9/17) “insurance works very different in the US/UK/Australia/NZ than it does for instance in continental Europe. In Switzerland: if it’s [slacklining is] run through members of an assoc. the members and participants are covered with liability insurance (coming from the national federation/association Swiss Slackline). Every company can get insurance here as well - no need for instructor qualifications and special certificates - of course it helps when you can prove that you are qualified. Accident insurance here is obligatory (if you are employed it comes from your employer, also covering you in your freetime) so lots of people have this already.  But in Australia the workplace health and safety legislative requirements are some of the most thorough in the world.  Whilst this has been tough to work with over the past 10 years, it has positioned Slackline Australia to be the world leader in commercial slacklining. In fact many of the slacklining leaders have taught slacklining for free but end up charging to cover the administrative work that is legally required as you professionalise.

    Slackline Australia has attempted several times to form a functioning not-for-profit national Slacklining Association. However because of the culture, legislative requirements and the desire to remain autonomous, self-reliant and not become subject to the controls of government funding bodies, Slackline Australia has resorted to becoming a proprietary limited company. In this company structure, employees are shareholders and ex-employees and key contributors are non-employee shareholders. Some of the leading sporting bodies have adopted this model of operation and this has proved very successful for that national body and for the lovers of that sport/activity.  

    Slackline Australia practices economic democracy and through effective collaboration aims to empower as many individuals, commercial and not-for-profit organisations to share the gifts of slacklining with all people. More details can be attained through the Slackline Australia “Share Share Project” email director@slackline.com.au for more details.  Slackline Australia also has an empowerment program to support not-for-profit societies, associations and clubs.

    Slackline Australia has worked with many councils to maintain access to public spaces and ensure slacklining practices are as safe as possible.  Several local councils have even paid Slackline Australia members to provide slacklining services to their local communities.

    Slackline Australia strives to be a social enterprise that is commercial in nature, but also gives back to the individuals and groups that are less financially able to contribute. We have found that whilst profit (ie being professionally fit) is needed for sustainability, it is through being a prophet of slacklining teachings that true riches are discovered and shared.

    Slackline Australia has provided many workshops and training sessions that have been free or discounted to help share the slacklining gifts with youth groups in Australia or communities around the world.

    Slackline Australia has sponsored many team riders and events to help spread the wonders of slacklining.

    Slackline Australia professional network consists of a range of people from all sorts of career backgrounds including a Recreational Therapist, psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Gymnastic Teachers, Yoga Teachers, a Pilates teacher, Breathe work trainers, meditation teachers, engineers, Life coaches, High School Teachers, Personal Trainers, a Circus Arts Instructor, Surf Coaches, Climbing Instructors, Challenge Ropes trainers, Rope Access professionals/ riggers, an Arborist, Youth workers, Pastors, Research Scientists, Neuroscience graduate, a nurse, a first aid trainer, scuba instructors, and Trainers and Assessors.

    Slackline Australia has witnessed many founders and pioneers of movements, new sports and national bodies do the initial hard work for free, we have also witnessed many great people come and go from the slacklining world. To ensure that pioneers are encouraged, remunerated and the national body retains knowledge / expertise / skills we use collaborative agreements that have been negotiated for contributors in areas such as:

    • Basic Slacklining
    • Yogalining
    • Longlining
    • Highlining
    • Corporate Services
    • Slackline Fitness
    • Youth Programs
    • Slackline Science programs.

    All the assignments that Slackline Australia trained instructors require to complete to gain registration into the Slackline Australia Professional network are from the workplace requirements that we have needed to fulfill over the past decade.

    Slackline Australia is currently committed to taking on a government funded slackline park to share the gifts of slacklining with the wider public. This Slackline Park will be the community hub for sharing safer slacklining practices with Professional Slackline Instructors, Community leaders, Club members and those wanting to gain personal knowledge for a safer and more efficient slacklining practice. This slackline park will also enable professional slackline instructors to share the challenges and benefits of slacklining to corporate, community and government leaders whilst using the raised funds to provide adventure based therapy and leadership training for youth.

    If you wish to be a part of the Slackline Australia Collective please get in contact - email network@slackline.com.au

    Can you stick with it?

    I've seen so many people come and go from the slacklife and the slacklining community. Whether they are the newbie that tries a slackline in the park for 30 seconds and then gives up; a community leader that rules the group for a season and then disappears or a wanna be instructor that never gets to become registered.  

    Then I've seen the real slackliners who stick around- they have the focus and the will to stay open to challenges, relax during intensity and to dig deep and live in the space beyond mere existence within a comfort zone. They find new tricks and new challenges so that they can find their personal challenge point, stick through it and grow.   

    When it comes to positive brain plasticity neuroscientist will tell you this is the way to go; that how when we face challenges the brain changes, it grows - our whole being glows. 

    What challenges have you taken on lately?

    Have you seen Abraham Jesus Hernandez's new world record- I challenge you to simply watch this, to realise the dedication and inner stoke that is being built by this incredible human. 

    Whatever it is stick with it- Grow and Glow! 


    Tree Protection - a balanced step to staying Self Regulated.

    Tree Protection - a balanced step to staying Self Regulated.

    One thing that I really love about being part of the slacklining community is that we really are fortunate enough to be a self regulated community group that is passionate about slacklining.    I remember back in 2008 when we first caught the attention of local council officers, they didn't know what to make of 45 people slacklining in the local park.

    three worlds, matt, Australian Made slacklines(Back in 2008 we didn't know better to use tree wraps but it wasn't long before we realised and made it compulsory on our website to say that you were going to use tree wear when you bought a Slackline Australia slackline kit. Since then its become part of the culture and we rarely see people slacklining with out tree wear).

    When the local council offers first approached our group of 45 slackliners in the park, they had a bit of fear but the group had such a great vibe and was having so much fun that the officers joined in with us.  They loved it. Since then we've had so many local councils pay Slackline Australia instructors to come and share the wonders and benefits of slacklining in their paid community out reach programs.  

    There are only a few places in Australia where slacklining community groups haven't flowed so nicely with the local councils, we do our best to educate councils and general public of the benefits and help slacklining community groups know some of the practices that Slackline Australia Instructors and some of the top social media group admins use to keep things safer with minimal impact.  

    Its only by working together and sharing knowledge can we stay self regulated.  Slackline Australia gives away training courses to community leaders, teachers and sports coaches. 

    We also want you to share this article because below is some information about Tree Protection from our partners at ISA and we've given you the best priced tree wear for the best tree wear we can currently access. 


    Tree protection when slacklining

    The following has to be considered when slacklining with trees as anchors:

    • Tree diameter of at least 30 cm at anchor point, increase the diameter with higher tensions
    • Tree protection under the tree sling, in order to prevent the sling of abrading the bark and distributing the pressure amoung the uneven surface of the tree.
      -> Check out the tree protection consumer report
    • Treeslings which are at least 5 cm wide (Slings should be spread out behind the tree to increase surface area)

    We also recommend you proactively approach slackliners in your community about these issues – this helps the entire community! 

    Can I rig my slackline on this tree?

    More flyers can be downloaded here  

    Thanks to our Partner ISA.

    Stay Balanced! Stay Connected! 




    Slackline Australia's 10th Birthday!

    Slackline Australia's 10th Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to Slackline Australia!  

    Thank you to all the people who have shared their slacklining passion and made what slacklining is today!  Thank you to the office staff, team riders, Slackline Australia Instructors and members.


    Message from the current Director: Logan Hurford

    Are you doing what you love?

    On the 7th of May, Slackline Australia turned 10 years old.  Founded by the Gittoes Brothers Ryan and Dylan Slackline Australia has since grown into an amazing network of awesome people who are passionate about sharing what they love.    (Image below is of Ryan, Logan and Dylan in 2008). 

    I joined Slackline Australia in 2008 after they visited Broadbeach Surf School where I was working as a Surfing Coach for intermediate junior surfers. At the time when I was surf coaching I didn't think I could love anything more than surfing and sharing my passion. When Slackline Australia came and gave their series of workshops, I was blown away how switched on and in the moment the students were after their session . 

    Now I have to confess, I tried to teach myself to slackline.  Weeks and weeks of stepping up and falling off, stepping up and falling off. One session with Ryan from Slackline Australia and I was able to, for the first time in my life, really hold strong focus and relax my body.  I got the feeling you get after you've just ridden a tube and I was hooked! 

    Slacklining has really changed my life and has helped me become who I am today. 

    I have met the most amazing people since joining and have loved sharing slacklining with thousands and thousands of people over the years. 

    Sure, commercially, we've had to keep things basic in regards to the length and height in which we train people but the Slackline Australia principles have been time tested and have been taken to greater and greater lengths (and height- pun intended).

    For ten years we've evolved from making slacklines in the garage, to importing the worlds best reputable slacklining gear, selling quality gear assembled in Australia,  to training a professional network of Slackline Australia Instructors that are ready to share the thread of balance with you.  (Did you know there are over 45 Slackline Australia trained instructors across Australia?)

    This year has already been a big year!  We've given over 3500 people their first taste of the slacklining gifts of balance and awareness at the Australian Tennis Open, Music festivals, and gigs for various local councils and organisations. 

    In this last Slackline Australia Instructor Training course on the Gold Coast we had the most amazing group of people (as we always do).   I am so excited to introduce them to you, you'll love them too. 

    Slackline Australia would like to welcome

    Dan- Engineer / Entrepreneur -Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor.

    Fabian- Physio Therapist-Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor.

    Gary - High Performance Coach-Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor.

    Emily- Occupational Therapist- Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor. 

    Alysha- Marketing and Events Manager-Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor.

    Read more about these awesome instructors as their profiles are uploaded. 

    Please get in touch with us if you would like to join the Slackline Australia Professional Network or sign up for our members email.