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    Slackline Australia's 10th Birthday!

    Slackline Australia's 10th Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to Slackline Australia!  

    Thank you to all the people who have shared their slacklining passion and made what slacklining is today!  Thank you to the office staff, team riders, Slackline Australia Instructors and members.


    Message from the current Director: Logan Hurford

    Are you doing what you love?

    On the 7th of May, Slackline Australia turned 10 years old.  Founded by the Gittoes Brothers Ryan and Dylan Slackline Australia has since grown into an amazing network of awesome people who are passionate about sharing what they love.    (Image below is of Ryan, Logan and Dylan in 2008). 

    I joined Slackline Australia in 2008 after they visited Broadbeach Surf School where I was working as a Surfing Coach for intermediate junior surfers. At the time when I was surf coaching I didn't think I could love anything more than surfing and sharing my passion. When Slackline Australia came and gave their series of workshops, I was blown away how switched on and in the moment the students were after their session . 

    Now I have to confess, I tried to teach myself to slackline.  Weeks and weeks of stepping up and falling off, stepping up and falling off. One session with Ryan from Slackline Australia and I was able to, for the first time in my life, really hold strong focus and relax my body.  I got the feeling you get after you've just ridden a tube and I was hooked! 

    Slacklining has really changed my life and has helped me become who I am today. 

    I have met the most amazing people since joining and have loved sharing slacklining with thousands and thousands of people over the years. 

    Sure, commercially, we've had to keep things basic in regards to the length and height in which we train people but the Slackline Australia principles have been time tested and have been taken to greater and greater lengths (and height- pun intended).

    For ten years we've evolved from making slacklines in the garage, to importing the worlds best reputable slacklining gear, selling quality gear assembled in Australia,  to training a professional network of Slackline Australia Instructors that are ready to share the thread of balance with you.  (Did you know there are over 45 Slackline Australia trained instructors across Australia?)

    This year has already been a big year!  We've given over 3500 people their first taste of the slacklining gifts of balance and awareness at the Australian Tennis Open, Music festivals, and gigs for various local councils and organisations. 

    In this last Slackline Australia Instructor Training course on the Gold Coast we had the most amazing group of people (as we always do).   I am so excited to introduce them to you, you'll love them too. 

    Slackline Australia would like to welcome

    Dan- Engineer / Entrepreneur -Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor.

    Fabian- Physio Therapist-Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor.

    Gary - High Performance Coach-Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor.

    Emily- Occupational Therapist- Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor. 

    Alysha- Marketing and Events Manager-Slackline Australia trained Level 2 Instructor.

    Read more about these awesome instructors as their profiles are uploaded. 

    Please get in touch with us if you would like to join the Slackline Australia Professional Network or sign up for our members email. 


    Slackline Australia Website

    Welcome to Slackline Australia's brand new website!

    We have been working hard to bring you a website that inspires you and meets your slacklining needs. Our website has been broken down into three key areas for your convenience; Slacklines, Slacklining and Slackliners.

    'Slacklines' - here you will find all your slacklining equipment for purchase.

    'Slacklining' - Features our latest courses in all areas and for all levels of Slacklining.

    'Slackliners' - This is where you will find Australia's network of Slackliners, with focus on our Centres of Balance, Team Riders, and Slacklining Pros.

    We hope you enjoy your time on our new website.


    Thank you for visiting,

    Slackline Australia!