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    Find your Centre of Balance!  

    Within the Slackline Australia web there exists an awesome group of independent small businesses that work within the Slackline Australia professional network and the wider community to deliver world class slacklining workshops and training.






     ***link missing*** email learn@slackline.com.au

    A Slackline Australia licensed Centre of Balance™  is your first point of contact for professional slackline training services.   The Slackline Australia Professional Network is a collaborative collective of some of the best Slackline Instructors in the world and some of the most passionate, well trained and educated professional slackliners around.  As you explore each of the listed Slackline Australia Centres of Balance take a moment to ask yourself a few questions:

    Why do I want to slackline?

    What is it that you are truly wanting to learn. Yes slacklining is cool and fun, but what draws you to slacklining?, what do you have to learn to feel balance, awareness and joy as you float between the earth and the sky? 

    What is the fastest way for me to learn?   

    Connect with someone who can do what you are wanting to learn, who cares and who knows how to teach. Some of our Team Riders are the most awesome slackliners, they can do things intuitively but may not be able to break it down and teach it to you in a simple logical progression like Slackline Australia Instructor can. 

    Are they qualified to teach?

    Slackline Australia instructors are always learning, always slacklining and they 'Go There First'- which means they get into the heightened state of awareness that you will learn to tap into. They have been where you are at and they know the fastest and safest way to get there. To gain their Slackline Australia Centre of Balance™ licence they have had to meet the many external standards to operate commercially but they have also had to prove that they have good slacklining techniques so that you do not have to unlearn any bad habits later on down the line.  They also only use slacklining gear that has been approved by the Slackline Australia Technical and Safety Committee (TASC).

    Ensure your Slackline Operator is registered and has a current teaching and insurance status. 

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