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    Go Slacklining With

    Now you can just get your own slackline and go slackline on your own. For sure. I did! I spent three months in my backyard and local park stepping up and falling down on my 2008 Slackline Australia nylon 25mm primitive set. After total frustration I signed up to a Slackline Australia lesson and in 45mins I could walk the 10m slackline and most importantly I experienced the Slackline Australia “Thread of Balance”. I was induced into a higher state of awareness and finally understood what balance actually is.  I was given the 4 Slackline Australia keys to Balance to work with and I quickly progressed on the slackline (and in my work and personal life). 

    Having a lesson with Slackline Australia was a life changing experience and since then I have met the most amazing people.  I love hanging out with my Slackline Australia tribe members and facebook social groups in Australia and New Zealand and sharing the thread of balance with newbies. I love being challenged by the Slackline Australia ProTeam Riders who literally take me to the edge of my balance point (200m up), and I love being part of the Slackline Australia social groups and seeing them grow and be Self regulated.  I am also a member of the Slackline Australia Technical and Safety Committee (TASC) that helps develop protocols to make slacklining safer, easier and more fun- TASC loves to cut through the Red Tape and help get slacklining out there in all forms in all areas. 

    As a Slackline Australia professional and owner of Aligned Yoga, a Slackline Australia licenced Centre of Balance™, I also get to enjoy working at some of Australia’s greatest, coolest and largest festivals and events. 

    So there are many different ways you can get into Slacklining and Slackline Australia’s mission is to support slacklining in all forms for everyone, so there is something there for you (even if you are a solitary slackliner you would have read the instruction manual of your slackline kit that we helped refine). 

    So go slacklining with a Slackline Australia Centre of Balance, your local Slackline Australia Coach or Level 2 Instructor, or check out a Slackline Australia First Steps Have-a-go workshop with a licenced and insured team rider, or even just go and socialise with the many Slackline Australia social groups that have been set up. Whilst we ultimately promote Self Regulation, Self Responsibility not all groups and instructors are insured or are even known by Slackline Australia so do your research and ensure you’re aware of the risks and are happy to walk your chosen path and take responsibility for yourself and your effects on others, and enjoy the slacklining gifts of balance and awareness in your life.