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    The Slackline Australia Registration Scheme is a supportive service that is based on standards and codes of practice that helps individuals and organisations bring a little structure to the infinite art of balancing between the earth and the sky.

    Your Slackline Australia Registration is key to keeping up to date with the evolving industry practices and meeting workplace health and safety requirements. 

    You also get access to information, training and coaching to perform better in your role. Different levels of membership have different annual dues and of course different benefits. 

    Slackline Australia believes in rewarding those that promote slacklining within Australia. When you do a course or renew your registration then you can access these great benefits. Below is the table showing the percentage of the full price (RRP/ non-sales price) that you will pay with different levels of registration. For example, if a product is $100 (gst exc) and you are a Slackline Australia Guide, you will pay $73.

    Discounted off RRP of ready to go kits (excluding the Horizon kit)

    Email sales@slackline.com.au to find out the rates for Pro Team Riders, Centres of Balance


    Click here for the current registration form