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    Slacklining Papas

    When you've been slacklining long enough, you know its really about learning from every experience and being in balance. 

    When you are a parent these learners are exponential and as a father, as a Dad, as a Papa we have a role to hold space for the new generation to learn to be in balance. 



    In the video clip below, Peter Rhodes says "We are born to be one with the spirit born to the conjunction of the human and divine."

    We tend to think of succes as "good" and failure as "bad." But Peter Rhodes demonstrates that every experience, whether we call it failure or succes, is an imporatnt part of our learning. If we get happy about staying on the slack line or angry if we fall off, it impedes the learning process. The best learning takes place when it occurs in an egoless state where we are not concerned about failure or success--we only want to learn.



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