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    There are as many different approaches to slacklining as there are slackliners.  Slackline Australia is proud of its unique and diverse collective of Slackliners.  You will surely be able to find and resonate with a teacher that can walk you through your next slacklining step.  Check out the profiles and feel free to send them a message through Slackline Australia. Remember to check their qualifications and insurance are current and that they suit your requirements. If you are unsure the easiest way is to work with your current licensed Slackline Australia Centre of Balance™. 


    ***Notes on Teacher Qualifications and the various stages and statuses***

    Slackline Australia Registered Teachers go through a number of stages to become registered. Here is a description of the various stages that teachers may be at:

    Slackline Australia Registered (YYYY):  The slacklining professional has been trained by Slackline Australia and have demonstrated the skills, knowledge and attributes to become registered against Slackline Australia’s Technical and Safety Committee’s Standards in that year (YYYY).  They have a professional portfolio that has been reviewed by peers and by a Slackline Australia registered assessor.  Be aware that standards change and that you ideally want a teacher that has current registration with a current status and insurance. Note that their currency status may change if their first aid, car expires, SA registration or working with children check expires.

    Slackline Australia Trained (YYYY): The slacklining teacher has undergone a Slackline Australia training course for that level of qualification. They may have all the required skills, knowledge and attributes of a registered teacher but they have not yet registered, they may still be developing. Ensure they can meet your safety needs. 

    Slackline Australia Enrolled (YYYY): The slackliner has enrolled in a Slackline Australia course and has taken the initiative to benchmark their practices to those of the Professional Slackline Australia Network.  

    Unconnected: This slacklining teacher is unconnected with Slackline Australia at this point in time. They may have been travelling or preoccupied or may have never

    benchmarked their practices to the other professionals in Australia and the wider Slacklining Teacher communities.  We still want you to know about them but you must do your research and ensure they can provide safe, fun, progressive and meaningful slackline education experiences. Ask for their Certificate of Currency for their insurance and their working with children check (if applicable) and their skills and first aid qualifications.

    StatusCurrent.  The Slackline Australia registered teacher is current in all known legal requirements for their advertised service. This includes being current in their Slackline Australia Qualification, First Aid, CPR, working with children check and they have a current insurance certificate. 

    Status: Not Current.  They have elapsed in one of the following: their Slackline Australia Qualification, First Aid, CPR, working with children check (or provision of a current insurance certificate) and they have a current insurance certificate.

    Star Rating (YYYY):

    ***** Platinum- Slackline Australia and clients highly recommend these professionals. 

    **** Gold-Slackline Australia and clients recommend these professionals. 

    *** Silver-Slackline Australia and the majority of clients recommend these professionals. 

    ** Bronze- Slackline Australia and some clients recommend these professionals. 

    * Slackline Australia says if they meet your WHS needs then give them a go! 

    Always ensure that the Slackliner and Slacklining services meet your needs and the needs of your governing authorities.