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    Community Training

    Slackline Australia is committed to support all forms of slacklining for all people.

    Slackline Australia has helped develop many of the slacklining communities around Australia. We’ve done this by manufacturing and importing the worlds best slacklines, providing the best price, providing Professional Training and by supporting Team Riders and Community Events. We have had a number of youth workers, Health and Physical Education teachers / PE teachers, Scout leaders, Parents and talented slackliners do the Slackline Australia community training courses. 

    These courses have been designed to provide an affordable training solution to give community members the basic practices used by Slackline Australia’s Network of Professional Instructors. 

    The courses are short, fun and informative. You’ll want to do more courses with Slackline Australia to teach in a commercial operation, but these courses will get you started with great basic tips and safety practices. 

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