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    Dr Robert Brooks

    Slack Rob is currently one of the main organisers for the Adelaide Slackline community.  He runs events every week on Tuesday evenings in one of the local parks close to the CBD. He shares all his gear and sets up an awesome community space with up to 15 slacklines being set up for everyone.  Rob spends a lot of time coaching everyone in the Adelaide Slacklining crew, helping people to learn from scratch or stretch themselves past their limits. He openly promotes slacklining within the wider community as an awesome activity to stay fit and healthy, whilst having a lot of fun.

    When we asked Rob what is favourite style of slacklining was he said “It would be hard to pick a favourite style of slacklining, everything is awesome! I do really enjoy pushing my limits on the longline and the highline though!” 


    Rob started slacklining in June 2012 in a park with some friends from rock climbing who had a 25m Gibbon Classic slackline. He says “I got about 8 steps down the line without assistance and was pretty happy with that!  Then I was hooked”.

    Rob’s most amazing slackline experience, today, was rigging a highline at Moonarie in the Flinders Ranges (Outback South Australia). The walk in was over 1 hour in with a heavy pack, but the view is amazing. The line was around 40m long on Aero 2 webbing with an 80m drop directly below. “It was really nice exposure and quite terrifying really. The crew had eagles buzzing around their head and the wind roaring straight up from underneath! Couldn’t pick a better spot, what an experience!”


     When we asked Rob how he went from being a beginner in the park to highlining for personal fun he said:  “After slacklining with my rock climbing friends a few times, I bought my own slackline; a 15m gibbon classic (which I still have!) and went for it. I crossed that pretty quickly so started doing laps back and forward and learning tricks like drop-knees and turns. I then bought a 30m Gibbon Surfline and worked on crossing that for a while. After I mastered basic slacklining I wanted to learn more about teaching others and how to become an Insured Slackline Instructor; so I contacted Slackline Australia.  I ended up flying up to the Gold Coast and completing the Slackline Australia Level 2 Instructor course.  I ended up flying up to the Gold Coast and completing the Slackline Australia Level 2 Instructor course. “Doing this instructor’s course was a really great move for me at the time because it advanced my slacklining and more importantly my mindfulness. Later on this proved invaluable, and has definitely contributed to my passion for slacklining.  Soon after I bought an elephant blue wing 100m longline kit and went from there. Now I have over 15 slacklines and over 700m of webbing! No regrets :)”

     We asked Rob what drives him and he said “I slackline because of the never ending challenge that is longlining and highlining! Also I love teaching people slacklining as it usually changes their life in an uplifting and positive way. Breaking all of those mental and physical barriers feels amazing!!”

    Rob started his own Slackline Australia Centre of Balance called NotSoSlack at the end of 2013 after completing his level 2 Slackline Australia Instructors course.  Doing this instructor’s course was a really great move for me at the time because it advanced my slacklining and more importantly my mindfulness. Later on this proved invaluable, and has definitely contributed to my passion for slacklining.

    Rob’s next project is a 120m longline, which he is hoping to cross this year! As for the highline, sending a 40m line will be the next project.

     Personal Message from the Instructor:

    Slacklining will change your life in the best way possible. Fun and excitement are always present and accessible to all ages. Slacklining is comprised of endless mental and physical challenges, which will ensure that you will never get bored. To make things even better, the slacklining community is comprised of amazing, passionate people with a love of the outdoors and a beautiful motivation for staying fit and healthy. You will be amazed at the barriers you can overcome personally and how these translate directly into succeeding at life.

    I would love to see more people getting out slacklining instead of sitting at home wasting their life away with their smartphones or computer screens. Within the South Australian community I would love to run more school programs and really get the kids involved in more outdoor activities that are awesome fun! 

    Centre of Balance: NotSoSlack

    Qualification level: Slackline Australia Instructor Level 2 [Trained August 2014; Registered from 2014  –  2017]
    Slackline Australia Balance and Awareness Trainer [Trained June 2014; Registered 2014  –  2017]
    Stage: Registered
    Status: Current & Insured 
    Star Rating:   Platinum


    • “Rob is a friendly, patient and attentive instructor. He made my goals a priority and has worked intently with me to ensure my progress meets my goals. Every session I have spent slacklining with Rob has taught me more about slacklining and my connection with the line. He is a superb teacher!” – Alysha Wreford.
    • “Rob has an infectious enthusiasm for slacklining, and instructs in a supportive manner. He identifies flaws in one’s technique and knows how to correct them one at a time without being critical or inducing frustration. I feel that his instructing technique has helped me to pick up the basics and fine tune my slacklining very quickly.” – Sundance Bilson-Thompson.
    • “Rob is an excellent instructor, always quick with a suggestion for improvement and easily modifies his teaching to cater for different people and their individual strengths/weaknesses.” – Julia Double.
    • “Within 2 weeks Rob was able to help improve my slacklining tremendously. He has a keen eye for picking up on the smallest of errors and finds ways to help you change these bad habits into good ones.” – Kellie Hoffman.
    • “Hugely encouraging and welcoming of beginners, Rob has a positive attitude that will make you fall in love with slacklining. He is also incredibly knowledgeable in advanced technique, gear and rigging, all of which he relishes in teaching to others and broadening the educated “slack community”.” – Raife Gehren.
    • “Rob is great fun to learn from and genuinely wishes to see people improve. He has an uncanny ability to pick someone’s physical and mental barriers on the line, and help them to break them down and take their slacklining to the next level.” – Annie Drahos.
    • “Rob Brooks is the centre of gravity for slacklining in South Australia and has grown a thriving community who have developed individually to advanced mastery. This growth has not left the new beginners behind, but rather he has become a trainer of trainers and implemented a professional framework across all sectors from beach lines to high lining with safety always paramount in teaching, equipment and technique. Without this foundation the growth witnessed would not have occurred without Dr Rob.” – Tim Muehlberg, Founder RAVSTASS.
    • “Rob is an outstanding instructor. I find his lessons well-structured and his directions easy to follow. He is not only great at troubleshooting technique, but also mental processes and barriers. Rob always makes safety a priority and he’s friendly and approachable.” – Melanie Pierides