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    Logan Hurford

    Logan Hurford is a Slackine Australia Trainer and Assessor. Slackline Australia trained in 2008 he has taught slacklining from Melbourne to Mt Isa and Gold Coast to Perth.  Logan has taught slacklining at some of Australia’s greatest events including the 2017 Australian Tennis Open. 

    Logan Hurford with Pete Evans after his private learn to slackline lesson.


    – Enjoy the slacklining gifts of Balance & Awareness and awaken to Oneness-


    Logan Hurford is a recreational trainer who’s heart was stolen from the obsession of yoga & surfing by art of slacklining.  He was born into a yoga-practicing household and though he had always been seeking the bliss and peace of meditation but like most people, he lacked the focus and awareness to fully “tap in”.    In 2008 while working as Gold Coast Surf Coach, Logan Hurford discovered the power of Slackline Australia’s Balance & Awareness training- and the Slackline Australia “thread of balance” was sewn.   Through his practices of slacklining he has since gone on to become a meditation & mindfulness teacher at Gold Coast’s largest yoga studio and for workplaces and schools in SE Queensland.  Logan has trained Slackline Australia instructors across Australia and he is passionate about  slacklining & yogalining and sharing the oneness that balance & awareness brings to people.

    Centre of Balance: Aligned Yoga & Slackline Australia Collective


    Slackline Australia Trainer & Assessor [Trained Sept 2011/ Registered 2011-2017]
    Slackline Australia Balance & Awareness Trainer [ Trained Feb 2014/ Reg 2014-2017]
    Slackline Australia Instructor (Level 2) [Trained Aug 2008/ Registered 2008-2017]

    Status: Current


    Star Rating:   Platinum 


    “Logan was an awesome teacher!” Michelle May 2017

    “Very informative session. I loved being able to get in contact with what is happening with my body. Very good teacher. Really enjoyed it.”   Nic April 2017

    “It was very informative & practical. I felt like Logan catered to everyone’s individual needs. Logan was passionate about slacklining!  He gradually taught us how to use the slackline. He gave us lots of positive praise ?”  Sarah April 2017

    “The relaxed attitude and interesting anecdotes [that Logan ] shared, and the interaction and encouragement within the group of attendees made it fun. Logan encouraged us to regularly monitor what we were feeling internally, to relax and breathe, as this relaxation was an important part of balance.”  Sherry April 2017

    Personal Message from the Instructor:

    When I tried to learn to slackline I originally spent three months stepping up and falling down, until I booked into a Slackline Australia Fun-damentals workshop.  In 45mins I was able to stand on the slackline, walk forwards, backwards and even do different postures. More importantly I discovered the Slackline Australia Thread of Balance.  Come along and let me show you the Fundamentals of Slacklining. Whether its you’re first time or whether you’ve been doing it for sometime, there is something in the workshop for you!  If you have any questions call me on 0456 443 954.


    Slacklining Workshop Types

    • Slacklining Basic Workshop
    • Yogalining Workshop
    • Balance & Awareness Training Workshop
    • Slaxercise Fitness Training
    • Private coaching sessions
    • Regular workshop series on the Gold Coast