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    Have you been Slacklining for a while and are ready to take the next step?

    Slackline Australia’s longlining course will help you refine your technique and guide you through the mind sets and performance of longline walking. You will be taken on this journey by your choice of Slackline Australia’s instructors. Slackline Australia’s instructors are available in most states and territories for your convenience.

    Longlining is the extension of your basic slacklining skill set. Longlining will further develop your ability to encompass the Slackline Australia 4 key aspects to slacklining; focus, determination, relaxation & agility. Within the course you will be guided through correct techniques for walking, mounting and dismounting, rigging and derigging. The aim of this course being to provide you with the skills to further develop your own abilities in a safer environment. The course will also attempt to help you find deep states of relaxation and focus so that you can cross longer and longer slacklines.

    Just imagine yourself balancing on a longline in the middle of a park. You are calm and focused with everything and everyone becoming part of your background awareness. It is just you and the slackline. You can feel the gentle flow of the line and how it reciprocates your every move. It feels alive and you feel like you are floating, perhaps even flying. Every little wobble adds to your excitement and drives your determination to finish the line. Sending (completing)  the slackline may be your ultimate goal, but the feel of the slackline with your every step is the true magic.

    ****Longline Course Products****

    Our partners, the International Slackline Association say that longlining has grown into a very popular discipline that is practiced all over the world among slackliners of all skill levels. Since 2012, a sizeable increase in longline activity has been noted. Longlining is primarily practiced by informal groups and in associations, but also by single individuals. Experience over the past years has shown that longlining can be conducted in an environmentally friendly way that is safer than most other contact sports, if best practices are followed.


    Slacklines longer than 30 to 40 meters are usually considered longlines. In contrast to commercially available slackline sets using ratchets, longline-sets are usually not yet available in local retail stores. [Ensure you buy from a reputable, insured manufacturer or importer. Slackline Australia Technical and Safety Committee, Slackline Australia Team Riders and community leaders are working hard with local and international manufacturers to prove provide the longlining and highlining equipment that is reliable and safer].


    Thus, longlines are different from typical slackline sets, not only because of the required length of the webbing, but also because of the additional know-how necessary for the additional components, proper anchoring, mounting & dismounting techniques as well as for choosing suitable terrain for setting up a longline.


    The loads occurring in a longline setup depend on the local terrain ( at or more bowl-shaped), the height of attachment and the weight of the slackliner. Frequently, longline loads (“base tension”) vary between 4 and 8 kN. However, most recently, longliners tend to favor loads of 6 kN and less. A typical longline system has a safe working load of 10 kN and a breaking strength of 30 to 70 kN.

    For more about Longlining please see here: