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    Slackline Australia is Australia's largest slacklining community including a professional network of slackliners. Slackline Australia, founded in May 2007, established many of the countries social network groups and sold the first slacklines in Australia. We are Australia's only qualified certification agency for Slacklining. If you slackline, then we are you! We are committed to sharing the wonders and benefits of slacklining in all its forms and promoting balanced living. Currently Slackline Australia is a private company limited by shares, started by the Gittoes brothers, but is constantly evolving. Slackline Australia is open to working with all people in all forms. Many of our most valued members have gone from being passionate slackliners, to volunteers on projects to business owners and share owners. We are custodians in trust of Slacklining in Australia and are committed to the progression and sustainability of slacklining as a way of life for all Australians that are interested.


    Slackline Australia’s Vision
    As Australia’s National Slacklining body, Slackline Australia is able to provide equipment, expertise, pathways and supportive infrastructure to all people from all walks of life.   Users of Slackline Australia services, our members, our communities, our leaders and associated commercial & community operations will benefit by being in balance and being part of a globally connected community and sharing the wonderful experiences of slacklining. By bringing balance to our own lives we restore and support the natural balance of humanity.
    Slacklining is So Good you’ve got to Share it!
     Slackline Australia’s Mission is:
    Through provision of the best slackline gear, slacklining communities and Slackline Australia training & workshops, our mission is to empower people from all walks of life to experience the wonders and benefits of balance in all its forms.



    Slackine Australia has social groups that meet regularly and support each other. Looks us up on facebook. We also have professional businesses and leaders that are part of the network that are their to help effectively deal with necessary protocols and 'paper-work' to make magic, ground breaking slackline projects happen and keep the day to day basics running. We have Professional team riders and Project team members (aka ProTeam Riders) to show what is possible. Our Centres of Balance are one of the best contact points for anyone wanting any type of training. If you want to become a leader they will utilise the Slackline Australia training programs to ensure you are of a world class standard. If you have something more to offer then the doors are always open.