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                          Learn to be a Slacklining Facilitator


    In this course you will certainly develop your slacklining skills and learn about sharing the experience in a safe manner.  Expert Slackline Australia instructors will give tips and hints to help you share your experience of slacklining with others.


    You are probably someone that absolutely loves slacklining and loves sharing.  Or maybe you just want to know more about it. You might be a high school teacher, youth worker, community leader, fitness instructor, surf coach, parent or one of the crew that has some skills and wants to share and improve slacklining skills all round. This short facilitator course gives you an introduction to the principles of balance and how to safely share skills.  It’s a great course to develop skills to run  fun sessions in a non-commercial environment.


    During the course you will learn:

    Aspects of balance, safer setup, spotting and spilling techniques, how the balance system works & why slacklining is so addictive. You will also learn about the support available from the Slackline Australia Network.


    For  Newbies & Skilled Slackliners the Course runs for a half Day,  with the option to extend the practice session, or you can submit  footage after the course to have your skills assessed and be eligible to be registered as a Slackline Australia Demonstrator & Facilitator.


    Assessment Information:

    The Slackline Australia Facilitator Course gives a certificate of participation for >80% attendance and a skills assessment card.  For slackliners that can demonstrate the basic skills they will be able to apply to become a Slackline Australia demonstrator and a facilitator.

    For new slackiners doing this course, a one month grace period is given to practice and submit a video of your demonstrations. Some states require you to have your suitability for working with children.


    Application Process:

    Simply email Learn@slackline.com.au with your full name, phone number, the course, location and dates you wish to attend along with an outline of why you want to do the course and your past experience.  A Slackline Australia trainer will contact you to process your enquiry.