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                         Learn to be a Slackline Australia Instructor - Level 1


    Learn the essentials for a professional basic slackline instructor.   You will gain a broad knowledge of basic slacklinig instructing techniques and focus on being able to deliver a polished professional session.


    You are always lending a hand to newbies and possibly already helping out at a Slackline Australia Centre of Balance or Slackline School.  You not only want a professional certification but you want to share and refine your instructing skills.  You just want to teach basic slacklining  and leave competitive coaching or course design to others or for later on.  This course would be equivalent to (or better than) doing the WSFED basic instructor course if you were in Europe.


    During the course you will learn to:

    Outline how the balance system works; Identify Hazards; Select Appropriate Sites; Maintain Industry Standards; Routinely Inspect Equipment; Recognise unsafe practices; Demonstrate Correct Spilling and Spotting Techniques; Facilitate Groups; Minimise environmental impact; Efficiently Record & Report to promote Slacklining and to help minimise liability and maximise earnings.


    For Skilled Slackliners this course is  1 ½  days plus 5hrs home study and 10hrs teaching practicum.


    Assessment Information

    The Slackline Australia Level 1 Instructor assesses through observation, questioning, and third party reports gained from doing 10hrs practical delivery:-

    Induction- to Commercial Environment, OH&S, Risk Assessments, Codes of Conduct, Industry  standards.

    Basic Slacklining Skill Assessment- Site Selection, Hazard ID & Briefing, Spilling & Spotting Techniques, Correct Mounts, Balanced Walking, Simple postures

    Attunement- Aspects of Balance, Professional Slackline Australia Network, Best Practices

    Training, Professionalising your Practice, Duty of Care, Recording & Reporting.   

    Follow best practices,  use Group Facilitation and get the best results for your students.

    You will need to work with a Slackline Australia Centre of Balance or an approved operator to gain 10 hours of successful instructing. Alternative options available for remote communities.


    Application Process:

    Simply email Learn@slackline.com.au with your full name, phone number, the course, location and dates you wish to attend along with an outline of why you want to do the course and your past experience.  A Slackline Australia trainer will contact you to process your enquiry.