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    Life is about balance!   

    Slackline Australia uses Professionally trained instructors to deliver structured lessons that teach more than just balancing safely on the line - people are taught about accessing a powerful mind state where true potential can be achieved.

    Slackline Australia has introduced people to slacklining from ages 1 to 82 years old. Slackline Australia has workshops with Professional Instructors available to suit your or your organisation’s needs.

    Find out more about Slackline Australia workshops here


    If you want to become a slacklining professional, you are in the right place.

    Slackline Australia is the Australian national body for slacklining. Since 2007 Slackline Australia has led the way in Australia for this 40yr old sport/ activity/ life changing phenomenon.  Slackline Australia is leading the world with our Network of Professional Slackline Australia Instructors.  With our unique slackline training structure, thousands of people have enjoyed the magic state that slacklining puts you in. Surfers have compared it to riding the ‘Tube’; Dancers have recaptured peak experiences; sports people have developed core strength and proprioception, and have minimised risks of injury through proper training and the development of faster reflexes.

    With Slackline Australia you don’t need balance to get started, you just need to contact us to discuss the best course for you or your organisation.

    Interested in an exciting new opportunity? Slackline Australia also offers a facilitator’s course to teachers, youth group leaders, outdoor leaders, fitness instructors or camp administrators.  

    Many slackliners from our courses have gone on to become slackline instructors or Slacklining Team Riders that have appeared on TV or in Magazines.

    Slackline Australia supports slacklining in all forms and so our structures are continually evolving and building on what slacklining is today.  This diagram shows the various pathways into professional Slacklining, so you can see that its real Slacklining taught by real slackliners.