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    Slackline Australia’s mission is to support all forms of slacklining in all regions of Australia. Now that’s a tricky mission because there are as many different styles of Slacklining as there are slackliners. There are a few traditional categories that might help you get your head around various common styles of slacklining.

    To get started we will cover some of the most common styles of slacklining.

    Basic Slacklining: Here as a beginner you learn the fundamentals of slacklining. You should always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and ensure the slacklining challenge is matched to your ability.  Typically the slacklines are set up 5-10m long (or up to but less than 30m long) with 50mm wide webbing.  Read more about Basic Slacklining here:


    Yogalining:-  Slacklining yoga is where the slackliner performs yoga postures (Asanas) on the slackline to develop strength, mental focus and fine tune motor control. You can read more about yogalining here.


    Longlining:- Once you’ve master the slacklining basics you are ready to extend your slacklining skills on a longer slackline.   Typically when a slackline gets over 25m the tensioning system and the height of the set-up has to change, so there are a lot of skills and knowledge concerning rigging and safety that need to be developed.  You can read more about longlining here. *** link missing email learn@slackline.com.au***

    Highlining:- For the advanced slackliner it’s arguably the purest form of slacklining that really tests all you have learnt, and more.  It requires advanced technical set-up knowledge and skills (including rescue training and rigging ).  

    Slackline Australia instructors are working on cutting the red tap to bring you this. Email learn@slackline.com.au if you would like to know more or join the team.


    Tricklining:- This is the most spectacular form of slacklining in what looks like a cross between gymnastics, trampolining and tightrope walking.  Slackline Australia Level 2 Instructors and Team Riders from around Australia, are working with international tricklining councils and bodies to bring this to you. There are some Tricklining performers insured and ready to bring to an awesome display of tricklining and share some tips.  Email learn@slackline.com.au and tell us you are interested in Tricklining. 


    Waterlining:-  Though it has the risks of being in water this is the ultimate training ground. Slacklining over water helps develop commitment and can allow experienced slackliners to progress and develop with less reliance on visual cues for balance, especially over moving water.  Slackline Australia is working with Surf Life Savers, Surfing and SCUBA Instructors to help bring awesome professional waterlining events and courses this coming summer.