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    Slackline Australia’s mission is to support slacklining in all forms for all slackliners. Slackline Australia members set up many of the social media groups and we have shifted our former forum members to Facebook Groups as a way to connect with other slackliners in your area, and we’re working on an even better way to connect … coming your way soon.

    Although Social Groups can be a great way to get together and enjoy slacklining, please be aware that at the moment slacklining is a Self Regulated activity*, so with a bit of responsibility towards yourself, people around you, and the environment you are slacklining in, you can enjoy slacklining in many places in Australia.

    Slackline Australia is proud to share the following social contacts provided you follow the social groups guidelines, the authorities laws and requests, the manufacturer's instructions and you agree to learn about safer slacklining practices and that you are aware of the risks, and fully assume all risks to yourself, and keep others safe and free from any negative impacts of your slacklining.

    Basically be responsible, have fun and seek professional insurance advice if you are unsure.

    Slackline Australia is working with councils and landholders all around Australia to share the gift of slacklining with the wider community. Many local councils invite Slackline Australia registered instructors and team riders to participate in community events on council land.  If you have difficulty with local authorities please be kind, respectful and contact Slackline Australia via the email access@slackline.com.au and we will do the best to help you and your slacklining community. Click here for information brochures. 

    List of Social Media Groups:


    QLD - Slackline Brisbane 

            - Slackline Australia Gold Coast Tribe 

            - Slackline Bundaberg

    NSW - North Sydney Slackline 

             - Slackline Sydney

    SA   - Adelaide Slackline 

    VIC - Slackline Melbourne 

    WA   - Slackline Perth Australia 

    NT    - Darwin Slacklining Community 

    TAS  - Tasmania Slackline 

    ACT  - Slackline Canberra 



    • Please note there are a few locations that Slackline Australia knows about that have local bylaws affecting your right to slackline. Please join Slackline Australia on our on going quest to gain and maintain access- email access@slackline.com.au


      • Here are some links (please let Slackline Australia know if there are more).

    City of Stirling WA https://www.stirling.wa.gov.au/Recreation/Parks-and-reserves/Parks%20and%20reserves%20forms%20and%20information/Reserve%20Information%20and%20Booking%20Forms/Slacklining%20Guidelines.pdf


    There are many awesome local councils doing awesome things involving slacklining

    Email localcouncils@slackline.com.au for the current news.