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    Slackline Australia Team Riders are Australia’s best slackliners. If you are looking to bring something super exciting to your next event, organisation or social group then book a Slackline Australia Team Rider. Slackline Australia Team Riders are independent operators that can provide demonstrations of various slacklining skills, they are not necessarily rigging nor WHS experts, so you must ensure that the team rider you select can work with you to meet all your workplace health and safety and other legal requirements.  

    Slackline Australia ProTeam Riders are the next level up from Team Riders and have been professionally trained and registered by Slackline Australia to help you to meet your workplace health and safety and legal requirements, they generally have appropriate insurance and expertise depending on the specifics of the event. Please see the individual ProTeam Riders can meet your legal obligations. Slackline Australia ProTeam Riders consists of a variety of slackliners that specialise in:

    • Professional Delivery of Slacklining Demonstrations:- Professional Team Riders are experienced, independent and insured slacklining professionals that can custom tailor from a range of spectacular and proven demonstrations to suit your event/ organisations needs. They limit your organisation's level of risk exposure through carrying their own insurance and using methodology and practices reviewed by the Slackline Australia Technical And Safety Committee (TASC).

    • Promotion and Branding:- Promotional Team Riders are looking for a cool brand to promote in the exchange for sponsorship.  Big brands like Adidas, Gibbon Slacklines and Slackline Industries have promotional team riders.
    Project Exploration:- They are at the cutting edge of slacklining in Australia and pushing the boundaries of what was once thought impossible. If you are looking for Slackline Australia Team riders that are out of the box and innovative these are the guys you want to work with, you will need to provide them with expertise in WHS to cover your legal requirements.