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    Learn in a safety first, fun and progressive manner with one of Slackline Australia’s workshops today. The workshops are a fun experience and aim to provide you with the Slackline Australia keys to balance, good slacklining technique and safer practises. Take a look at our slacklining workshops and our courses on offer and discover the Slackline Australia Thread of Balance and live with true balance.


    Slacklining Workshops with Slackline Australia are a unique experience. Slackline Australia focuses on safety, fun, progression and a deeper meaning - it’s slacklining taught by professional slackliners. You will learn correct slacklining techniques (so you won’t need to unlearn incorrect techniques as you progress) that allow you to develop skills and enjoyment faster and in a safer way.

    You learn about the 4 powerful Slackline Australia Keys to balance: Focus, Relaxation, Agility and Will. Slackline Australia instructors get great joy from giving slacklining participants an experience where they are challenged but supported to explore and expand their balance and their awareness of the right here-right now moments.

    Slacklining workshops range from a 5 minute Slackline Australia First Steps Have-a-go experience; a three phase slacklining skills card workshop; to a 3 year long professional Slackline Australia trainers course.

    When you work with a Slackline Australia registered Slackline Instructor the Slackline Australia Thread of Balance is sewn through you, and your life changes as you are opened up to a whole new way of being and to a slacklining web of awesome slackliners.

    (Featured collection of current and popular workshops here)