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    Pieter van der Kooij

    Pieter, along with his slackline, has been on a walk about through Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Philippines teaching people how to slackline.   Its a great activity that any one, any age, from all walks of life can enjoy.  

    As a PhysioPod (Physiotherapist and Podiatrist) Pieter has had extensive experience with Gait Analysis since 2010.  He understand better than most how important it is to maintain good balance and posture during this walk of life. 

    In 2016 Pieter decided to join the Slackline Australia Professional network and collaboratively combine his knowledge and skills with the Slackline Australia Collective. 

    Having worked in rehabilitation as a physiotherapist and having been injured himself, Pieter understands what its like to struggle and how mind set is so important for taking the steps out of the ‘season of struggle’ into a balanced way of being.


    How to book & prepare:  Email Pieter@slackline.com.au with your name, phone number, location, who will be attending and what is wanted from your private workshop. 



    Centre of Balance: Sheppard Healthcare

    Instructor: Pieter van der Kooij

    Qualification level:  

    -Slackline Australia Level 2 Instructor (March 2016- Current)

    Bachelor of Science- Physiotherapy

    Bachelor of Science- Podiatry

    Stage: Trained

    Status: unknown

    Star Rating: –


    “It was so relaxing to just be there standing on the slackline and enjoying the moment of just being.” Anon

    “Pieter has an incredible way of coaching on the slackline and using the slackline as a transformational tool. He is very caring and compassionate and loves to help”  Logan Hurford.  


    Personal Message from the Instructor:

    Completing a Bachelor of Science – Podiatry (3 years), and then doing a Bachelor of Science – Physiotherapy (4 years) there is always an urge to learn and do more. Creating a skills set that can help rehabilitate people from different injury backgrounds with a range of complexities.  Slacklining is a great tool for developing a new skill while activating different neural pathways and facilitating good posture, balance and achieving good quadricep activation. Slacklining is a way to work on breathing and clearing your mind to concentrate on the task and being. This can be so difficult for people with severe injuries that are struggling to have have insights into the future that this season of struggle will pass and a new season is just around the corner. I enjoy using slacklining to create community and to encourage people of all ages to take the step, they are never too young or too old.  

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