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    Slackline Australia offers private and group lessons all around Australia!

    We have instructors in almost every state, and we can easily organise to come to you, or meet in a public park to teach you slacklining.

    Our instructors can correct technique that may be hindering your progression, and provide new techniques and training drills to help you teach yourself – even after the lesson.

    Slackline Australia’s instructors are fun, professional and their instructional skills are world class. We firmly believe that we can pass on skills that would take you 6 months to learn on your own in just 2 hours. This can be extremely valuable regardless of if you have just started slacklining, or whether you’ve been slacklining for years and have hit a plateau in your learning. The Slackline Australia network of teaching professionals has been around since 2007, hence each instructor has access to over 10 years of slackline-specific coaching knowledge.