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    Team Riders

    Introduction to Being a Team Rider

    Slackline Australia is the national body for Australian slacklining. Slackline Australia is committed to developing slacklining within Australia. For 10 years Slackline Australia has scouted Australia’s best talent and has given a wide range of opportunities for the team riders skill and talent to be recognised and promoted across Australia. Slackline Australia team riders are honorary ambassadors who are recognised as having some of the highest skill levels across Australia.

    To help promote slacklining in Australia, Slackline Australia gives team riders support via the use of a coupon code credit / commission system. Team riders also are pitched to retailers and manufacturing brands to try and gain sponsorship to keep them in their position, decked out with the latest cool gear and where possible receive some financial remuneration towards their hobby cost. It is understood that by applying to be a Slackline Australia team rider you are an independent operator who is responsible for assuming all risks, having a health management plan and complying with all applicable laws. Your role as a team rider does not qualify you to conduct workshops or have-a-go sessions. This requires a different skill set and deeper understanding of legal duty of care requirements. You can gain access to discounted Slackline Australia, guide, coach and instructor qualifications. You also agree that as an ambassador of Slackline Australia and the Australian Slacklining community you have a position of power and influence, and therefore need to hold good standing within the community perception (respect to public property and spaces, safety and awesome slacklining skills). Remember your actions can positively promote slacklining and lift the status within Australia to leading international levels, however your actions can also have an impact not only on your own personal standing, that of fellow team riders but on the community’s perception of Slacklining as a sport and recreation.

    You agree to the Slackline Australia code of ethics and to stand down from the team rider position should your actions bring any disrepute to slacklining as an activity, to other team riders and to the Slackline Australia Network. The process that would be implemented upon complaints or reports of inappropriate behavior would be to provide written notification to you of the report and give you a chance to respond (7 days). These reports will be considered by members of the Slackline Australia Technical and Safety Committee (TASC) and the other team riders to make the final ruling on your status as a Slackline Australia team rider. You would have the right to appeal to the full TASC committee at a later date if circumstances have changed or new evidence surfaces etc.


    The role of a Slackline Australia Team Rider is to provide demonstrations such as; local slacklining meetings, group gatherings or promotional work.  A Team Rider is obliged to provide the Slackline Australia network with media files to help promote slacklining and slacklining products, which supports the Slackline Australia network. At the Team Rider level, you willing give the Slackline Australia network permission to use any and all of your slacklining related images, on the provision that they give credit to yourself, your product and your photographer/videographer. As you progress, your image and media files could generate significant value to the Slackline Australia Network and you would be urged to become a Pro Team Rider. A Pro Team Rider can; negotiate explicit terms and conditions with respect to the use of their images and media files, gain sponsorship, and take on a professional legal standing as a person conducting a business undertaking.


    As outlined above, your key responsibility is to positively promote yourself, slacklining and the Slackline Australia network, whilst providing inspirational representations of the “Slacklife.” The media files that you submit should aim to have clear and clean images of yourself and your products. If other people appear in your media files, full talent releases are required (Slackline Australia can provide you with talent release forms as required). You will also need to provide credit (name and location) and written permission from the photographer/videographer to allow Slackline Australia to legally use the video files you supply. If you are the photographer, talent release is implied as the conditions of being a Slackline Australia Team Rider.


    The Slackline Australia Team Rider role is an honorary position that allows you to develop a portfolio and profile to become a Pro Team Rider. To help cover your expenses related to demonstrating Slacklining, Slackline Australia gives Team Riders between 25-40% off RRP (Recommended Retail Price) on a select range of products and services available through the Slackline Australia network. Upon being approved you will be given a coupon code that you can use to purchase your own goods that gives you 25-40% off. This code is strictly for personal use and can be cancelled if being used inappropriately. You will also be given coupon codes that you can give out to potential customers that will earn you credit/commission on their sales. For example, the coupon code ‘YourName10’ would give the customer 10% discount and you would earn credit of 30% of their sale. This credit can be used towards your purchases from the Slackline Australia online shop or upon providing an Australian Taxation Office – Hobby Declaration / Tax Invoice, the credit can be deposited into your specified account (Please see credit remuneration form). Slackline Australia calculates credit on sales on a monthly basis and reports to you via your specified email address. Please email sales@slackline.com.au if you believe there are any inaccuracies during the process.

    A Pro Team Rider needs to sit a half-day induction and submit evidence of being a legally independent entity i.e. a sole trader with an ABN or a registered company/association. Please contact director@slackline.com.au if you need guidance on getting yourself an ABN. In short, you can register an ABN under your own name via the Australian Government website (https://abr.gov.au/For-Business%2c-Super-funds—Charities/Applying-for-an-ABN/). A Pro Team Rider also must submit clearly defined projects that are negotiated prior to undertaking to determine the level of corporate sponsorship. For approved projects Slackline Australia will give up to 60% off RRP and commission codes. Slackline Australia will also help broker your corporate sponsorship and promote the partnership within the Slackline Australia network and community channels.

    Registration Fees

    After signing your Slackline Australia Team Rider or Pro Team Rider contract, you will need to pay an annual registration fee.


    • Support of the Slackline Australia network for all of your slacklining projects/aims/goals.
    • Support with access issues in your local area.
    • Access to professional documentation and professional writers to help you apply for external sponsorship and land professional, paid performances/gigs/shows.
    • Guidance for obtaining insurance.
    • Discount via the online store.
    • Discounted Slackline Instructor programs.
    • Exposure to a wide audience of Australian and International slackliners.
    • Slackline Australia is often contacted for events/festivals/performances/gigs/shows throughout Australia, and will happily recommend you if they are in or near your area.



    Team Rider

    $50 AUD

    Pro Team Rider*

    $50 AUD

    *Must already be a Slackline Australia Team Rider to apply.