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    Slacklining is so fun! … but it’s much more too.
    The solo beginner can find it frustrating, but as they tap into the slack life and approach its pure fun, it then becomes so fulfilling that it becomes a way of life.
    Welcome to the Slackliners’ code!
    Celebrate your Slack Life. 

    The International Slackline Association (ISA) has some great brochures to help you explain to others and to your local councils what Slacklining is. Through our partnering arrangements you can access the brochures below. 

    Feel free to contact us with any access issues you may have



    How Slacklining Enriches Public Spaces


    Can I rig my slackline on this tree?


    Basic Slackline Principles


    Slackline Australia is committed to keeping slacklining as safe as possible. We have learnt many things from our own mistakes and from the mistakes of others over the past 10 years. We work as part of an international collective. If you have a slacklining incident, please let us know by emailing Director@slackline.com.au and/or by completing this ISA form which helps keep slacklining safe internationally.

    If the incident happened within the Slackline Australia Professional Network, then the Slackline Australia Instructor/s involved have their own reporting forms and they will lodge the incident with the ISA.